10 Facts about Pomeranians

1. Good Watch Dog’s Barking
If someone comes into your home, let alone just passes by, Pomeranians will let you know! Pomeranians will never bark at nothing. When a Pom is barking, they are trying to alert their owner about something or someone. This makes them a great watch dog, as long as you have a Pomeranian around no one can sneak up on you!

2. Titanic Survivor
Of the nine dogs on board the Titanic, the two that were rescued were a Pomeranian and a Pekinese. It was reported that Margaret Hays (life boat #7) took her Pomeranian with her in a lifeboat the night the Titanic sank into the ocean. What a lucky Pomeranian!

titanic pom

3. Long Lifespan
The average lifespan of a healthy and well cared for Pomeranian is anywhere from 12-16 years! Making sure to take good care of your Pomeranian by feeding healthy food and making sure to get regular grooming and vet check ups is very important. With the proper care your Pomeranian’s can live a long and happy life. Because all of the Pommy Mommy Pomeranians are rescues, I have to take extra special care of them. They have all suffered an abusive past, but are spoiled rotten, and living the good life now!

4. Small in Size
Pomeranian’s are very well known for their small size. This makes them very easy to take with you on outings or when traveling. I often take my Pomeranian’s with me to an outdoor mall. I have a dog stroller for them and they get to ride around in style!

Pomeranians are very popular with owners that live in the city or in a smaller apartments. However just because of their small size does not mean that they don’t require “play time” Pomeranian’s love to play and require lots of attention. This brings me to number five…


5. Highly Intelligent and Extroverted.
Pomeranians crave a lot of attention and constant love from their owner. My Pomeranians love to cuddle up on my favorite chair with me an snuggle in my lap. They seem to be one-owner dogs and are very loyal. My Pomeranians think they need to “escort” me everywhere! (Sometimes even to the bathroom) If I get up from my office to go into the kitchen the entire “Pack of Pomeranians” follow me! It’s almost like having an extra shadow!


6. Very Popular
Pomeranians have been among the more popular dog breeds in the United States, featured consistently in the Top 15 of registered AKC dog breeds over the last 10 years. Today you see many celebrity actors with Pomeranians because of their cute face and ability to take them on set when it’s time for the Pommy Mommy to go to work. Most of the popularity I think really comes from the ability to take them anywhere. They crave human companionship, are extremely intelligent… and most of all, are any women’s best friend.

michellerodriguez pommy

7. Different Colors
Pomeranians come in many different sizes as well as COLOURS! Here’s a list of all the different colors a Pomeranian can come in.

Brown and Black
Tan or White
Wolf Sable
Lavender (Very Rare)
Blue Pomeranian (A blue Pomeranian is not the color of the sky. You will actually know your Pomeranian is blue color by looking at his nose. It’s fur will be a dull black color but his nose will have actual blue color on it. His eyes may also be blue. )

Cute-Blue-Merle-Pomeranian-Puppies       lavenderpoms2

8. Double Coat
Pomeranians have a thick double coat. Grooming is not hard to do however, it is recommend that brushing be done often because of the thickness of the coat and the constant shedding. The more you brush a Pomeranian the less it will shed. The outer coat is long, straight, and harsh in texture while the undercoat is soft, thick and short. The undercoat is shed twice a year. Keeping up on regular maintenance is very important.

9. Nicknames
Pomeranians have lots of nicknames! Here’s a list of just a few!

The Teddy Bear Dog
The Foxy Dog

10. Born to be Pampered
Pomeranians love having all of the attention focused on them. Most Pommy’s love going with their Pommy Mommy when they run errands or are traveling. Some Pomeranians enjoy getting dressed up and traveling in their “travel bag” .