Cleaning your Pomeranian Bedding

Pomeranians are a very active breed and tend to get dirty and that means getting their stuff dirty? Here are some tips on the best way to clean pomeranian bedding. If your Pomeranian is anything like my boy he got multiple beds! (More like a bed in ALMOST every room of the house!). Today I’m […]

When you look at your Pomeranian

When you look at your Pommy, you probably don’t picture it pulling a sled. The Pom’s small size doesn’t bring images of intense work and endurance. However, these pups are descendants of some seriously hard working dogs from Arctic climates. Pomeranian’s were bred from these working dogs as early as the mid-18th century for companionship. […]

How to control unnecessary barking

     If you want to stop your Pomeranian barking incessantly you need to remember that a Pomeranian’s bark is their voice.  Barking is your Poms way of talking to you… it should never be an annoyance. Their bark should be a welcomed communication and interaction with you. Barking is a way to alert you […]

10 Facts about Pomeranians

1. Good Watch Dog’s  If someone comes into your home, let alone just passes by, Pomeranians will let you know! Pomeranians will never bark at nothing. When a Pom is barking, they are trying to alert their owner about something or someone. This makes them a great watch dog, as long as you have a […]

Brushing your pomeranian teeth

It’s always a headache when you think about brushing your pomeranian teeth especially if they are not so amused about the procedure.Well its normal so that’s why we have to introduce the brushing from the early puppy stages so they can get use to it. Bad breath is often an indicator of poor dental hygiene […]

How to groom a pomeranian at home

  Pomeranian’s are best known for their “poof ball” like appearance.  Being a “Pommy Mommy” I know how important it is making sure they are well groomed on a regular basis. I take my boy to a professional dog groomer every five to six weeks to get a “bath and brush.” In between grooming appointment’s […]

10 things not to feed your pomeranian

1. AVOCADO Guacamole is one of my favorite things to make and bring to a gathering. It never fails when I’m in the kitchen my Pommy’s are never far behind. They are always begging for a bite of whatever I’m cooking. Avocados for years have been rumored to be toxic to dogs especially small breeds […]